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About the Company

Al-Nawab Law Firm “a limited liability company” was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance with the provisions of the Professional Companies Law issued by Royal Decree No. M / 17 dated 01/26/1441 AH. And it was based in the city of Riyadh as its headquarters, and the construction of its entity was led by the founding partner, lawyer Abdul Rahman Al-Abdul Latif, and the founding partner, lawyer Omar Al-Nuwaisher   Since its inception, the company has gained the trust of its clients from government and private entities, and has emerged in its field through its team of professionals with extensive and long experience in the field of law.


Our vision

  • We believe that the success of law firms is based on the trust of their clients, the quality of legal work, and the ability to provide the required legal support and assistance that contributes to protecting and preserving the client’s rights and success

Our message

  • We work to provide legal services through a group of experts with high legal competence, united by lofty values and goals to establish a long-term partnership with our clients.

Our goals

  • Providing permanent and integrated legal protection to our clients.

  • Building lasting partnerships at the local and international levels.
  • Contribute to building legal legislation

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